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About Us

Social Change Lab conducts and disseminates social movement research to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. 


We seek to inform advocates, decision-makers and philanthropists on the best ways to accelerate positive social change.


For any enquiries, free to reach out to James via

We're not currently hiring, but if you're interested in volunteering with us, please check out our page about volunteering. Thanks for your interest, we really appreciate it! 


Meet the team

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James Ozden
Founder & Director

James has spent the last three years building effective social movements to tackle climate change and reduce animal suffering. From working on strategy for one of the most well-known social movement organisations in recent history, Extinction Rebellion, he's learned valuable lessons in designing effective movements. More recently, James completed the Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program on how to launch highly impactful nonprofits using Effective Altruist principles. 

Markus Ostarek
Director of Research

Markus is a researcher and data analyst dedicated to transparent and open science. His background is in cognitive neuroscience (of language) where he undertook a PhD in understanding how the brain makes sense of words. Markus recently left his role as a researcher in Psychology and Neuroscience to apply his skills from academia to the field of Effective Altruism and to have a positive impact on crucial issues, such as climate change and animal welfare.

Cathy outside.jpeg
Cathy Rogers
Research Consultant

Cathy spent many years producing science TV programmes before returning to academia to complete a PhD in Psychology. Now working in applied research, she writes policy reports (e.g., for World Bank, UNESCO), has just published a book on what teachers should know about the brain, and works with charities to evaluate and improve their effectiveness

Our Team
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