Our Work

We're tackling these complex questions around protest impacts and success factors using a cluster-thinking approach, where we try approach the question from many different angles. See our various workstreams below with an initial introduction to our work here.

We compiled a literature review of existing sociological and political science literature on movement outcomes. We examined outcomes ranging from policy change, public opinion shifts, voting behaviour, public discourse, and corporate behaviour. See the full literature review here.

We carried out a literature review on factors that lead to protests movement being successful vs not successful. We looked at both external factors the movement, such as the existence of political allies, as well as factors within the movement's control, such as levels of diversity and unity. See the full literature review here.

Public Opinion Polling

We're conducting public opinion polls around a major protest campaign in the UK. You can see our preliminary analysis here and explained more accessibly (and for the media) in this press release.

Expert Elicitation

We're currently interviewing academics, policymakers and movement experts to elicit answers to questions that we believe are not yet answered in existing literature. Examples include:

  • How important are external factors relative to a movement's own strategy and tactics?

  • To what degree does existing literature generalise to other countries, issues or time periods?

See summary notes of our conversations here.