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A leadership change at Social Change Lab

I’m writing with some bittersweet news today. I, James, will be transitioning away from my role as Director of Social Change Lab over the next 6 months. This was a very tough decision for me, given I’m enormously proud of our work to date, and even more excited about what we have in the pipeline (watch this space!).

Luckily, Social Change Lab has two other amazingly dedicated and talented staff members, my colleagues Cathy and Markus, as well as a wonderful team of 6 volunteers, so Social Change Lab will continue our work as normal. In the meantime, I will gradually transition out of my role over the next 6-9 months and remain involved long-term as a member of our Board of Trustees to ensure our ongoing success. Social Change Lab is still doing vital and important work, and I want to ensure this remains the case.

Therefore, as of today, we’re starting a search for my replacement as Director of Social Change Lab. This new Director will play a huge role in shaping our long-term strategy and the programs we want to deliver, across research, training programs and communication. Finding the right person is crucial for our long-term success, and we’re aware that our work comes at the unique intersection of different schools of thought. However, we believe that the right person could have the skillset, experience or connections to take our work to the next level – something we’re extremely excited about.

As such, if anyone believes they might be a good fit for this role, we highly encourage you to apply. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please forward them the job description, or contact me directly.

As always, thank you all for your support,



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